South Africa: Drugs Logo Index

The 2003 Logo Index is an image collection of ATS, LSD dosage units, and hashish, which was created by the South African Police Service National Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL). The purpose of the Logo Index is to differentiate drug seizures through physical and chemical identification in order to generate strategic and operational intelligence.

Comparing photo IDs in The Logo Index with tablets found in other regions can provide indications of global ATS distribution networks. For example, many methamphetamine tablets are inscribed with the "WY" logo, which are known to be produced by the United Wa State Army, a former insurgent group in Myanmar and pre-eminent producer of methamphetamine tablets in Southeast Asia. Its primary market is the neighbouring country of Thailand.* The "WY" tablets are then distributed, mainly by Thai and Lao nationals, to regions throughout the world, including California, countries in the European Union**, and South Africa.

*Source: Domestic Strategic Intelligence Unit (NDAS), Office of Domestic Intelligence (USA). February 2002.
** "WY" tablets have been identified in Europol's 2003 XTC catalogue, which contains over 1300 logo variations, and is available in the APAIC library.

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